The Need of Bearing Precious Seed

Approximately 75% of the world’s population (7.85 billion) do not own a copy of the Scriptures. An average missionary reaches about 5,000 people with the Gospel in his lifetime. At that rate it would take 990,000 more missionaries to reach the world’s people.

If a missionary spends 20 years on the field and lives off of $2,500 a month, he would spend $600,000 during his missionary lifetime. In contrast, $600,000 could buy 500 tons of paper on which the precious Word of God could be printed. These 500 tons are enough to print 900,000 Scripture portions.

The “printed page” acts as mini-missionaries. The “printed page” does not go through what human missionaries have to face on the field. It does not have to:

  • Sleep
  • Eat
  • Go on deputation
  • Go on furlough
  • Endure sickness
  • Suffer discouragement
  • Fight backsliding

There is no charge for the labour of producing the Scripture portions because it is a labour of love. It is our desire to present the Bearing Precious Seed ministry in every church and to get every church member involved in bearing the “Precious Seed.”

Every $0.10 donated allows someone to receive a portion of the Word of God. All Scripture portions printed by Bearing Precious Seed are to be freely given and never sold.

For further information regarding Bearing Precious Seed or to schedule a meeting with a Representative, please Contact us. Thank You!