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What is Bearing Precious Seed? Bearing Precious Seed is local church ministry dedicated to printing the Word of God for free distribution to local church missionaries on the field. It is simply printing the Scriptures, and giving it freely to those who do not have it.

Bearing Precious Seed of Lansing, Michigan is a ministry of Parker Memorial Baptist Church (Dr. James Green, Pastor).

Bearing Precious Seed Missionaries travel all over America in efforts to raise money for the purchase of paper to print the Scriptures. Every $0.10 donated allows someone to receive a portion of the Word of God. If you would like to donate to this ministry, please click here. All Scripture portions printed by Bearing Precious Seed are to be freely given and never sold.

The word of God has been committed to the local church. Therefore we believe the local church should have a major role in getting the printed Word of God to those who need it.

The goals of Bearing Precious Seed are:

  • To print the Word of God in every language of the world
  • To print enough Scripture portions for every person in the world

For further information regarding Bearing Precious Seed please Contact us. To schedule a meeting, please contact one of our missionaries. Thank You!