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The Lord is good. What an encouragement God has been to our ministry throughout this year. God’s people have been faithful to help us with many gifts for the printing of God’s Word through our Bearing Precious Seed ministry. We are blessed not only to see the funds come in, but also to see the Scriptures going out to mission fields around this old world.

We have added several new Seedline churches to our labors this year. These are churches whose people volunteer to help us in collating the scriptures.
Plans are still going forward to add a much needed building to house our press. The plans and engineering are finally complete and paid for. I thought it necessary to inform our followers and prayer warriors just how things have progressed. The following info should be encouraging to know how the Lord has provided.

Building Update – Total income for building project: $63,700
Expenses for Architects and Engineers: $40,366
(site plan, architectural drawings, engineering plans)

All this has been paid in full. Praise the Lord!

Printing equipment that has already been acquired: $190,910
(press,bindery, leather machinery and accessories)

This also is paid in full. Thank the Lord!

We are introducing a way for many churches, Sunday school classes, individuals or others who will help generate the funds to get started with the building. It is a ten-week plan that can accumulate quickly to help cover the remaining cost of construction. We estimate the need will be around $400,000 to put the building up and to relocate and align the press. We are asking for your help and prayers.

Think about this. What was it like for you to hold your very own Bible for the first time? What has that precious old Book done for you? How has God’s Word impacted you and those you love? Now, how could you help us to keep on producing this wonderful treasure, the Word of God for others?

God bless.

Bro. John Green, Director PMBC Printing Ministries