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History of Bearing Precious Seed of Lansing, Michigan

The Bearing Precious Seed ministry of Parker Memorial Baptist Church began in 1976, with seeds back into 1975. From the very beginning, we could see the hand of God leading and directing EVERY step of the way. Dr. Don Fraser, the founder of the Bearing Precious Seed Ministry, and a personal friend of our pastor, Dr. Donald Green, came to preach at our church. He presented his burden of having LOCAL Baptist churches printing the Word of God. He returned in 1976, preaching our Missions Conference and challenging us once again to get involved in reaching the world with the printed Word.

Later that year, our church purchased an AB Dick 385 printing press and with the help of Sam Caudill, we printed our first TON of English New Testaments, and used the binding equipment of a fairly new Bearing Precious Seed printing church in Milford, OH, to bind them.

In 1977, we printed another ton of paper, this time with the help of Bro. Jim Hoffman, who is currently the pressman at BPS in Oshkosh, WI. Our third ton of paper was printed with the help of Bro. Ron Helzerman who was working at BPS in Indianapolis, IN. We folded and bound them there. We were excited, as we know Dr. Fraser must have been, about all of the Bearing Precious Seed churches “springing up” across America for the Glory of God!

Things really started to happen in 1979 when we bought a folder, opened a doorway on the rear of the church to get equipment in and out, and found other areas for a press room, etc. (i.e. under and around the baptistery, knocking out cement blocks). Then, AB Dick offered free training on our press, and we had them train three of our men to run the press.

1980 brought Bro. Ron Helzerman to us as a full time missionary printer and he stayed for 16 years as our production pressman. During that time, in 1983, we broke ground for a 24’x60’ addition to the small print area we were using, making it possible to again expand the ministry.

Assistant Pastor Steve Green, and our BPS missionary from Parker City, IN, Bro. Dennis Deneau laid most of the cement blocks in the December and January snow. The men of the church completed the project, adding a dark room and computer room at this time. Shortly, the need for a glue binder became evident, and in 1987, the Lord provided just what we needed and we were able to bind New Testaments and Whole Bibles.

1988 brought expansion again, this time in the form of a Web Press on which we printed English New Testaments, Spanish John-Romans, Arabic John-Romans, as well as Bi-lingual Pidgin New Testaments for Papua New Guinea. What an exciting day to load that first truck load with Scriptures going to our Pastor’s only daughter, (he has five sons in full time Christian service) a missionary with her husband, John Gray, in PNG.

In 1993, The BPS ministry in Park Rapids, MN, was growing and had “birthed” the Local Church Bible Publishers ministry. Bro. Deneau was overseeing the ministry there at that time and decided to move that aspect to our church and set it up in one of our Sunday School rooms and a precious couple in our church volunteered to do the shipping of the Bibles.
Bro. Ron Helzerman resigned as pressman to take a pastorate in early 1996, and the Lord called Bro. Dennis Deneau to Lansing to oversee the BPS ministry here as well as continue directing the LCBP ministry. His wife, Sis Lee, helps with much of the needed office work.

Shortly thereafter, some major changes took place as we no longer had a pressman and very few with real press experience. Bro. Deneau was very busy on the road and preaching in churches, raising money for paper. The church decided it was not feasible to continue putting money into the old, antiquated web press as its production was very slow, with its constant maintenance, so we sold it. What we could print on that web press in several months time, we could get printed from Christian friends that owned a printshop in just a few days, saving hundreds of hours and many dollars of the Lord’s money. They were a tremendous blessing to us and an answer to prayer, and we were a blessing to them, giving their workers something to do in their “down time”. Then, God provided a Christian trucker that came from Chicago to Lansing every day EMPTY and would haul them to us very inexpensively! We began to print our covers on a digital duplicator and our production increased again. In 1998, we built a warehouse/bus garage building with a loading dock for semi trucks. This building holds many pallets of Scripture at any given time.

In 2000, we began the planning for our large collating/binding/office facility for the Scripture ministries, and we actually broke ground for the new 90’x108’ foot building in 2001 with much of the work being done by volunteers within the church and other friends of the church.

Bro. John & Tina Green joined our ministry full time in 2002, travelling the roads as much as possible, presenting the ministry and raising money for paper on which to print the Word of God. They have been a tremendous blessing to us and have raised money for many tons of paper.
In 2002, we produced our first leather bound 1865 Valera Spanish Bibles, and in 2003, we moved into our building and with that, came many changes in production and efficiency.The Lord be praised.

Bro. Mark and Nicki Chartier surrendered to the Bearing Precious Seed ministry in 2004, and Rick and Terry Teremi in 2005. Both of these couples have been a real asset, working in the printshop, as well as travelling to churches as they are able. In 2006, the need became evident for an “on-demand” printing ministry, and Calvary Publishing “grew” from our Bearing Precious Seed ministry. Bro. Mark is our printer there.
2007-present---Our ministry continues to expand. We strive each year to produce more copies of God’s Word than the year before and to give away more Scripture portions free to missionaries each year. We try to preserve the Word of God and make it available in good quality at the cost of production, keeping this all a ministry and not a business. We also strive to produce books as inexpensively as possible, doing both new books and reprints of old ones.

All of our Bearing Precious Seed missionaries have raised or are raising their own support as well as money for paper or general ministry money. We have no one “on salary”. Our church has always paid the utility bills for our BPS ministry, which is a tremendous blessing. God has always supplied money for paper, equipment, and other monies needed to keep the ministry going through love offerings and gifts from God’s people.

Other than our handful of full time missionaries, all of our other work is done with volunteers. Since we are all working hard to keep up our responsibilities in the printshop as well as juggling our schedules to be in churches as much as possible, we do not have anyone designated to keep track of what we produce each year or where it goes. Some years we have had a volunteer do a tremendous job of that, and other years, we have had to just let the Lord keep the records, but we know that most years we have exceeded a million Scripture portions. Sometimes we have produced many times that amount, but probably 35 million in 35 years would be a fair estimate of what the Lord has allowed us to do.

We have printed in many languages over these years, but nearly every year, we have of course, printed in English and Spanish in one form or another. Some years the Lord leads in one direction, and sometimes another. We have focused on the European (former Communist block) countries, i.e. Romanian, Russian, Polish, Hungarian, Lithuanian, etc. Other years, we have focused on Spanish speaking countries, i.e. Mexico, Cuba, Spain, etc. One year, we tried to flood the United States with John-Romans and strengthen America’s struggling churches. In the last year or so, we have printed some languages that have a desperate need for the Word of God; Arabic/English bi-lingual for the U.S. and other Arabic speaking countries; Thai which we are waiting to get into Thailand; Farsi for Persia; Urdu for Pakistan and Syriac for Syria.

In the late 1980’s, Dr. Don Fraser was the main speaker at a yearly Bearing Precious Seed Conference in Park Rapids, Minnesota. While there, he visited the Headwaters of the Mississippi River at Itasca, MN. While there, he saw how the waters gathered from small streams and became the mighty Mississippi River! God used that to give him the vision for Bearing Precious Seed printing churches becoming the Headwaters to get out the Word of God, and he designed a “Seedline Ministry” where those churches could get other or smaller churches helping them assemble the Scripture portions. What a vision; and right at that meeting the First Baptist Church of Park Rapids started the first Seedline ministry with area churches helping.

Now that continues, and the seedline ministry of Parker Memorial Baptist Church is a very important part of our ministry. Many churches around the country help us assemble Scripture portions, usually taking several pallets from us at a time. Bro. Deneau has a 35’ cargo trailer and can deliver 7 or 8 pallets of printed Scriptures to a church which they can work on for several months. At the same time, he can pick up their completed John-Romans and bring them back to Lansing for distribution. Many hands make light work, and through Dr. Fraser’s visions of starting the Bearing Precious Seed ministry and then the Seedline ministry, the multiplication of the Word of God around the world will only be known in eternity.

We have widow ladies, senior citizens, and parents of our Christian school students (some drive in nearly an hour one-way to bring their children, so they stay all day and help us!!) that volunteer their time putting our Scripture portions together five days a week. What sweet Christian fellowship they have over the Word of God. Then, these Scriptures are trimmed, boxed, and sent out or palletized for another ministry to distribute to missionaries around the world. God uses so many of His workers to get the job done; it never ceases to amaze me how God’s people can accomplish God’s work if we work together! The prayers and gifts of churches, our work, someone else “takes it”, and the “seed” (Luke 8:11) is finally planted, watered, and brings forth fruit in the hearts and lives of sinners that only God can keep account of!

Dr. Fraser was a very humble man, always encouraging others to strive for goals they thought humanly impossible. With his visions and the leadership qualities God gave him, there will be countless millions of souls in Heaven as a direct result of his work. We can only count it a privilege that God has allowed us to have a small part in the work He began in and through D. M. Fraser.

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